Sir Alan Langland, Vice-Chancellor of University of Leeds

"The University of Leeds has signed the SDG Accord to confirm its commitment to being a sustainable university. We are already undertaking world class research and teaching, relating to the SDGs and signing the Accord is a logical step in ensuring that we contribute to the higher education sector’s responsibility for achieving these goals. We hope to spread awareness and convey the importance of the UN SDGs both within sector and to the wider world. Our staff and students are in strong support of this position.”

Professor Judith Petts, CBE, Vice-Chancellor of University of Plymouth

“The University of Plymouth has a long and extensive track record of award-winning sustainability activities, and signing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Accord is an extension of our local and global commitments and confirms our ongoing intent. We inform and educate the global leaders of tomorrow, equipping our students with the knowledge and skills to deliver a low carbon economy, develop sustainable solutions and drive social and economic change.”

Professor Gilles Trystram, Executive Director of AgroParisTech

“AgroParisTech aims to be a key player of French and European higher education and research in life and environment sciences and engineering. Our ambition is to contribute to reach the main global challenges of the 21st century: feeding a growing population while preserving natural resources, supporting innovation and integrating the bioeconomy.”

Professor Charlie Jeffery, Senior Vice-Principal of University of Edinburgh  

"Signing the Accord re-affirms our commitments. The University of Edinburgh’s vision is about making a significant, sustainable and socially responsible contribution to the world".

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